Reasons why after school activities are worth it

Holiday Club Sutton ColdfieldThere are many notable benefits of after-school activities, which can indulge your child in fun ways to learn, develop their talents and skills as well as build confidence.

For children who participate in after-school activities, they benefit from physical, psychological and social stimulation. Instead of allowing children to mindlessly sit in front of the TV, encouraging children to participate in after-school activities will aid in their development.

Physical benefits

With the increasing issue of child obesity, children who participate in outdoor activities and various forms of sports obtain exercise and, essentially, develop habits which can help them avoid the problem and keep themselves physically fit. Sports activities also encourage teamwork and playing fair, along with lessons in cooperation and coordination.

Creative benefits

Many after-school activities encourage creativity from arts and crafts to musical activities. Children can learn problem-solving skills as well as peak their natural curiosity. It is especially rewarding for children to explore talents and discover hidden abilities.

Benefits stress

There is also the issue of stress at school with pressure put on children to excel and potentially fall victim under peer pressure. Fun activities provide that much-needed break from school work and stress.

Benefits teamwork

At some point in all of our lives, we will likely have to work within teams for whatever reason. It is important to understand from an early age what teamwork is, how to reach common goals and work together to do so.

Rowan’s Holiday Club offer fun and activities after school in Sutton Coldfield!

What is an after school club?

Holiday Club Sutton Coldfield

As parents, you may have heard of after school clubs for your children.

After school clubs are Ofsted-regulated clubs that are attached to a certain school, and can be partially funded by the government. After school clubs provide structured activities for children that are constantly under supervision, the activities will often run until 5.30 or 6pm.

The majority of after school clubs will have a fairly long waiting list, however, there are some schools that do not have after school clubs but may offer a supervised school escort to take children to after school clubs at any nearby schools that offer it.

Many clubs will offer help with homework, often having a ‘study club’ where children will work with one another to finish a task assigned to them.

What are the advantages of after-school clubs?

Working parents will take advantage of everything an after school club has to offer their child, which may include:

– How cost-effective it is compared to other forms of childcare
– Parents are satisfied that their child is safe because the club is Ofsted-regulated
– A further instillment of safety as the clubs are frequently on the school premisis thus parents won’t have to worry about their children crossing roads or wandering around town
– A feeling of continuity and security for the child, that is reinforced when school friends attend the club also
– Some may provide supervised help with homework which means homework is complete when your child returns home which allows parents to spend time with their child(ren)

Rowan’s Holiday Club is fully Ofsted-regulated and holds an excellent Ofsted report. Please visit our After School Club Sutton Coldfield to view all of our available dates on our Booking Calendar.

Rowans’ Holiday Club

After-school clubs are a great way for children to learn to interact with others and play from a young age.

Rowans Holiday Club Sutton Coldfield offers supervised, structured activities for children along with general childcare, all week from 7.30am to 6pm.

Children gain stimulation from interacting with other children their age and engaging in fun activities at after-school clubs, a sense of continuity and security can also be instilled in a child which is reinforced if their friends attend the after-school club also. They are advantageous for working parents especially, as they are significantly cheaper than other means of childcare, £2 per hour at the Holiday Club.

Check our booking calendar for availabilities here!

The Rowans after school club in Sutton Coldfield is Ofsted registered and hold an excellent report. Your child will be able to access all fo the fun activities that we hold at the club including DVDs, snooker, using the Nintendo Wii, a variety of toys and tournaments; we also provide fresh fruit throughout the day along with one cooked meal each day, made fresh on the premises with 3 meals and drinks.

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